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Article: Want to Make Your Home Come Alive in a Unique Way?

Want to Make Your Home Come Alive in a Unique Way?

Want to Make Your Home Come Alive in a Unique Way?

Try Decorating with Antique Oriental Rugs

Looking for a major interior overhaul of your home? Or simply planning a quick and easy update by making a few unique additions to the existing setup? You need some inspiring ideas to make the changes look great.

Fortunately, there are some proven ways of making your home interiors come alive without having to put in much effort. Give your home an ancient, rich look without suffering the stress of planning any major alterations or calling in an expensive decorator and their team. You can do it in your home with some helping hand from your family members or friends. Check out how!

There is a major shift in interior designing ideas in recent years. With space restrictions making it difficult to add more elements, homeowners are looking at creative ways of adding to the aesthetic appeal of their homes.

Some design elements have remained constant and have acquired a label of being evergreen. The reference here is to the use of carpets and rugs in home designing. They were an important element of a decorative and classy interior in the past. In many modern homes too, rugs and carpets occupy center stage as designing elements and almost always grab the spotlight rather effortlessly. More and more homeowners are turning to carpets or rugs as innovative design elements to spruce up their homes. House carpets can uplift the look of your room and even give a new insight into the pieces of furniture around it. Besides, they can do an outstanding job as a mood elevator. With the right rugs and carpets, the space in your home can undergo a dramatic transformation with very little effort.

Why Use Carpets And Rugs For Home Designing?

  • Carpets and rugs, when chosen carefully and placed creatively, can create a feeling of royal elegance
  • They can create a riot of exotic colors within your interiors
  • They add more layers to the decorative elements of the room
  • They can enhance the beauty of your simple interiors and complement other things in the room
  • Carpets and rugs can be swapped to add a fresh look as frequently as you wish

The basic function is to add warmth to the place where it is used. It can be used anywhere in your home – living room, bedroom, or any other room. Make sure you carefully consider your needs while choosing carpets and rugs. Take a close look at the shapes, sizes, colors, textures, patterns, and their value before making the final choice.

The artistry of ancient carpets and best traditional rugs is unmatched when it comes to using them as elements of interior decoration. A home comes alive when furnished with

objects that represent the passion, tastes, and values of the inhabitants. Oriental rugs are the top preference of homeowners who place quality, value, and style above everything else. Looking for the right and authentic carpets and rugs that match the existing ambiance and set up of your homes can be challenging. The critical question is where does one start looking for the best carpets and how to give the process a push?

What First-Time Buyers Must Look For?

If you are a first-time buyer of carpets and do not have much knowledge about the merits and values of authentic oriental rugs and carpets, it is advisable to use the services of an expert. There are many fake and duplicate carpets being sold off as authentic creations in the market. The difference between an original and a brilliant fake might not be visible to a novice but the experts know what to look for and can instantly make out if the carpet or rug is authentic or fake. There is no substitute for antique carpets. They come with a history attached to them that can stretch hundreds of years back. The best ones are those created by craftsmen with intensive knowledge and skills using the traditional methods of carpet crafting.

When you are out shopping for carpets and rugs, some basic rules must be followed.

  • Choose carpets with deeper and contrasting colors and large graphic and dominating designs for large rooms.
  • Carpets with smaller designs and softer colors will not make any impact in large spaces.
  • For smaller and intimate settings, go for modern rugs and carpets that are not too loud in color and design.


Tips For Furnishing Large Rooms

Experts suggest furnishing a large room of your house with a large authentic Oriental carpet to create a majestic look. It is a sure-fire attention grabber and can easily integrate with the ambiance of your well-decorated room. You will enjoy the experience of living with an
artwork that has a rich slice of history and probably a royal lineage as well if you have picked the right one.

A sprawling living room will look regal and stunning with an authentic carpet that has some large designs. Floral patterns can work fine, and so will some abstract designs that have repeat patterns. Weavers of the past were known for their penchant for creating rugs and carpets based on geometric shapes. The color of the carpet can be chosen by taking into existence the present theme of your living room. You can either match it or go for a completely contrasting shade. It will work either way.

If the idea of using a single, large, majestic carpet in the living room does not appeal to you, that’s okay too. You can go for a number of smaller-sized carpets and rugs that can have

their distinct identity, yet can look stunning when placed together creatively. The carpet pieces can be used to create a distinction between different areas of the living room. Smaller pieces of oriental rugs can be used to highlight the value of your most precious pieces of furniture adorning the living room.

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Using Carpets in Dining Rooms – How To Do It Right

Wondering how carpets can fit in the dining room without getting lost amidst the various objects? If you choose an oriental carpet with a dominating design, and compelling borders, it can act as a powerful framework for the room. By extending your creativity a little bit further, you can even accentuate the look of your dining room furniture. Just make sure the chosen carpets design and colors fit the plan perfectly. Carpet design with some beautiful patterns can look elegant and add to the visual appeal of the room in good measure. They can effortlessly blend with the existing decoration theme of the room without you having to put in any major sweat or time changing the settings.

A Few Suggestions

Oriental rugs with a large medallion design can be avoided as a carpet with a uniform, and a smooth design will work better. If there is a passage attached to the dining room, an antique Oriental runner can be the perfect art piece to decorate the floor.

Carpets And Rugs For The Hall

There is a huge scope for experimenting with oriental rugs and carpets in sitting room and hall area of your home. As these are the places that are passed by the most, and they form the main space of your home in terms of exposure to guests and visitors, you must be extra careful while choosing rugs and carpets to decorate the hall of your home. A ‘runner’ can be a wonderful choice and can create an impression of a picture perfectly framed by the four walls of the hall. You can also experiment with multiple runners if your hallway is longer. If you believe rugs can work wonders in the hall, try to use them of the same style as they will create a nice pattern and create a better image of the overall color and design theme of the place. As always, there are no hard and fast rules for using carpets and rugs for interior decoration. You can experiment with your creativity to the hilt. If you think using rugs and carpets of different styles and colors can create a more exciting look than a single color, go for it. Some rugs have unique graphic designs that make it easy for them to be used as wall art, meaning – you can hang up these rugs vertically for a greater impact. Such rugs can add a look of sophistication to your walls and the entire room. If you are a fan of vertically hung rugs, go for art rugs that are available in 3 X 7 and 5 X 7 sizes. They can fit any wall perfectly. Also, as wall hangings, the details can be viewed in a different light at eye-level, thus making the subtle details more discernible and attractive.

In today’s modern world where abstract artifacts are preferred by designers and homeowners to decorate and spruce up homes, Oriental rugs and carpets provide you the

opportunity to do it differently and stand apart. As mentioned earlier, choosing the right carpets and rugs for the right place is critical to create the desired impact and get the best value for money.

Identifying Types Of Oriental Rugs And Carpets That Can Transform Your Décor

Some homeowners wonder how rugs and carpets created decades and centuries ago on the other side of the world can become a part of the modern home decorated with a variety of elements that symbolizes contemporary styling. It is erroneous to deduce that Oriental carpets and rugs cannot complement modern designer homes. Home designing is an art that involves a seamless merging of the contemporary and the traditional. And nothing can symbolize tradition better than vintage carpets and rugs. They can blend in smoothly with historical homes that have neoclassical decors and antiques sharing space with abstract paintings, futuristic photos, and enigmatic sculpture pieces.

Timeless Oriental Carpets And Rugs Can Transform Your Homes

You can shop for some of the finest and authentic Turkish rugs and Oriental carpets that symbolize tradition but are timeless in terms of utility, style, and representation. They never go out of style and can in fact work as a bridge between the old and the new in the home.

Handmade carpets and rugs, when used creatively and with a good dose of imagination, can easily bring various elements of décor together. Many top interior decorators use carpets and rugs with the singular objective of integrating the settings in which these precious pieces are placed.

Oriental rugs can be that perfect piece of art for adding depth and personalized touch to any designing project. By their majestic appearance, they can provide a powerful foundation on which other decorative elements can be built and given shape.

What The Designing Professionals Suggest

Designing professionals who use carpets and rugs as premium designing elements reveal that carpets with exquisite floral designs are among the most popular choices followed by graphic designs and tribal rugs. Clients show a marked preference for subtle colors, but the choices can vary based on the tastes and sensibilities of different people.

Homes with natural wood and hard stone surfaces can make their interiors look even better with antique carpets and soft textiles. The abstract imagery and graphics of the tribal rugs and Persian carpets deliver brilliant aesthetic results when combined with contemporary art in modern homes.

Carefully chosen antique carpets can enhance eclectic decors in many ways and create an inspiring environment. You can ground various designing components placed in a house by simply using the right carpet that complements the other elements seamlessly. There are no hard and fast rules for using carpets and rugs for interior decoration. The thumb rules mentioned here can be used as a reference point for those new to using carpets and rugs for designing. You can put your creative instincts to full use while designing your home.


The bottom line is that antique rugs and carpets can bring to life virtually any environment. You need not follow any template but just use commonsense designing basics to create magic with these carpets. It is very likely that these carpets will speak to you and send signals that can tell you instantly that the right fit has taken place during any designing process. It is all about listening to your inner voice and going by your instincts.

There are many ways of approaching designing with antique Oriental rugs and carpets. You can incorporate them in your designing plan when the whole house is in an early stage of designing or incorporate the carpets and rugs to a pre-existing home where the other designing elements are already in place and the home is fully furnished in every aspect.

The best way to design a home using carpets and rugs is to select them for one room at a time and review the choice of placement and positioning. If you get great vibes from a specific placement, it means the designing process is going in the right direction. Some homeowners and designers prefer to work with a couple of rug styles to create a sense of uniformity across the entire house, while others prefer to give each room its individual character by using different types of Oriental rugs and carpets. Then some people have an approach that combines these two styles.

Whichever approach you decide, one thing is certain. Art-level Oriental carpets and rugs have the power to create a sense of harmony within your home. You will discover a new side of balance and tranquility when you spend time with these timeless pieces of art created by the best artisans of our time a few centuries ago.

The Best Place to Buy Original Oriental Carpets and Rugs?

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carpets and rugs for sprucing up various areas of your home and enhance the overall ambiance of your house. Visit: to view their extensive collection of Modern, Traditional and Antique collections.

Istanbul rug is the premier source of luxurious handmade area rugs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County. We specialize in custom rug design, rug repair, restoration, and cleaning services.

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