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Article: Rug Care And Restoration- Your Possession Deserves New Life

Rug Care And Restoration- Your Possession Deserves New  Life

Rug Care And Restoration- Your Possession Deserves New Life

Oriental rugs or antique rugs are not only exquisite but are also constructed to last long by withstanding daily use and the passage of time. Regular care of carpets and rugs helps extend the life and also prevents damages due to lack of regular maintenances. Timely repair is essential as confirmed by an old cliché, a stitch in time saves nine. You can follow simple tips to make your rugs stay fresh and aesthetically appealing for years to come.

However, rug restoration and repair are required in certain situations including fading, shredding, tearing, and staining among others. Handcrafted rugs are also likely to be damaged by pets such as cats and pups who love to scratch, bite or chew these gorgeous creations leading to chewed edges and corners.(1)

Insects pose a grave threat to rugs unless you perform vacuum cleaning regularly. These insects can include moths, critters, house dust mites, fungi, and carpet mites, who may mistake your exotic rug for an ideal location for colonizing and breeding.

Extending Aesthetic And Functional Attributes Of Rugs

Routine care makes sure that your gorgeous rug is immune to severe damage because of some of the common hazards and prolonged usage. You can follow simple tips to make your rugs stay fresh and aesthetically appealing for years to come.

Insect assault – Frequent cleaning will prevent the colonization of a variety of insects and molds. Spray a small quantity of lukewarm water on the affected area of the traditional rug and leave it for approximately an hour. Scrubbing lightly with a soft brush will help you get rid of the fungus. Regular use of a vacuum cleaner or dusting can remove insects and dust mites. While using a vacuum cleaner for removing dust and debris from delicate handcrafted rugs, add a screen to reduce the chances of damaging the rug due to powerful suction. Ideally, the vacuum cleaners setting should be kept at a minimum.

Fiber shedding –

If you have bought the rug recently, then small tissues of wool and lose bits of fabric are bound to shed and a simple vacuuming is usually enough to remove these bits. The process of shedding may continue for a short period.

Significant fading of hues –

You need not be overly concerned about minor fading because this is not something unusual. Excessive fading can happen because of exposure of the rug to direct sunlight as the rays consist of ultraviolet rays that are believed to damage the color of handwoven rugs.

Blotches and blemishes –

Mud marks due to pets or shoes and stains caused by spillage of liquids or droppings of food can tarnish the exotic appeal of your antique rug. Even though these instances are unavoidable, one needs to take special care and be extra attentive to minimize the chances of staining or spillage by consulting experts at Istanbul Rug. Ideally, cleaning must be done without wasting time because the stains can become permanent if left unattended.

Unraveling of fringes –

Fringes of rugs are exposed to bites and pull by pets who will never hesitate to try the strength of their paws and claws on a carpet, especially if it is being used as a wall hanging. If the fringes are pulled out, then one should remove them by using a trimmer to make the fringes or a surface look uniform.

Retaining the majestic appeal of your rug for a long time is actually very easy provided you are prepared to invest some time and effort. These practical tips can considerably extend the life of your oriental rug. Careful and light vacuum cleaning is the most practical and versatile way of dealing with several common concerns that might ruin the Oriental carpet if not removed in time. The effect of suction helps remove dust, dust mites, insects, and leftover food particles.

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If you wish to clean the rug yourself, then please abandon the idea immediately. Rug cleaning is a highly complex process and should be performed by professionals only. Rugs are highly sensitive to toxic chemicals and agitated revolutions of washing machines. One must not attempt to clean carpets at home. Contacting experts from professional rug cleaning and restoration companies in San Francisco such as Istanbul Rug can be the best decision for regular care and cleaning of your antique rug. Permanent or prolonged placement of heavy furniture exposes the rugs to marks. Periodic switching of carpet’s position can help address such a problem. It will also reduce the color fading if any portion of your antique rug is receiving direct sunlight.

When Should You Consider Restoration Of Oriental Rugs

Handmade rugs are considered to be due for rug restoration if there are any significant and obvious damages caused due to environmental and other factors mentioned below.

Aging is one of the most important factors that can cause extensive damage to antique rugs. Although Oriental rugs are constructed with an aim to sustain the effects of aging and other factors, some of the precious antique rugs that were crafted several decades ago are bound to be due for repair and restoration at any reputed rug repair service provider in San Francisco such as Istanbul Rug. Age-related damages are common even if one has taken due care and performed routine maintenance.

Fungal growth is a serious hazard as it can cause severe harm to woolen rugs if it is not prevented or arrested by taking necessary precautions. Water is one of the most significant causes of mildew development. Similarly, constant exposure to moisture or humid environment can lead to fungus as rugs are made by using organic substances such as wool and natural dyes among others. Prevention of exposure to water or moisture is possible by keeping carpets away from flower vases, and other appliances including washing machines.

Rug cleaning with water must be followed by complete drying to make sure that no water droplets or humidity is present. The fungus can grow rapidly in presence of humidity and you should take sufficient precautions to keep the rug as dry as possible.

Sometimes, the humid climate and damp flooring are also responsible for the growth of molds leading to considerable damage to handmade rugs and carpets. Monsoon or winter season also contributes to excess humidity inside houses as windows are kept perpetually shut with continuous room heating.

The menace of moths and carpet beetles is sure to inflict serious and extensive harm to your antique rug as these pests lay eggs on carpets as these provide a perfect environment for hatching. The larvae feed themselves on the sumptuous diet of silk and wool material that is available in abundance. One can easily make out that the elegant and intricate handmade rugs are under attack by moth, only by observing the design keenly to notice dry and white deposits or tiny patches that are evident right from the top surface to the floor.

Professional rug restoration services are adept at repairing such damages including disentangled fibers or missing patches.  Contact Istanbul Rug in Berkley for a gratifying job of rug repair.

Pets are fond of chewing and tearing rugs leading to considerable damage. Professional rug restoration is the only solution for torn rugs and carpets. Restoration techniques can help restore rugs even if a sizable portion is eaten by pets. Splitting of rugs is common due to careless handling during relocation or any other reason. Fringes and corners of handmade rugs are vulnerable to damage due to lack of care or maintenance.

Stains and spills need to be attended to as early as possible. Stains of beverages or cocktails may become difficult to remove unless you have taken immediate steps to get rid of such stains. Oil spilling is also a common factor that leads to stubborn stains. Extensive stains that just refuse to go away are successfully dealt with by reputed restoration companies in San Francisco such as Istanbul Rug.

Regular Rug Maintenance – For A Longer-Lasting Opulence 

If you thought that routine vacuum cleaning and prevention of moth attacks can make your rug last longer then you are partially right. All tips for keeping handwoven rugs in Berkley in the best pink of health should be followed religiously. In addition, one should make sure that the antique rug is sent for professional maintenance and rug cleaning after every decade or as per the need. Get in touch with Istanbul Rug for a rug cleaning and restoration job to your utmost satisfaction.

Handwoven rugs are found to lose their original shape on account of constant treading and also due to the suction effect of vacuum cleaners. This requires a stretching process that restores the rug to its original shape.

Disentanglement or unraveling can make the ends of your rugs weak because the edges of Oriental rugs are subjected to a process known as overcasting to prevent the rug from getting unraveled from the ends.

Similarly, a lengthy and manual process of doing the fringe repair work that is vital for extending the functional life. The process prevents possible damage because of excessive footfall and other hazards that are explained earlier. Fringe repair is also found to secure the construction of your rug.

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In order to avoid extensive damage, get the rug inspected by a rug restoration expert in San Francisco such as Istanbul Rug, at least once a year. This will not only help you restore the rug in time but will also protect the rug’s value because even a single untangled fringe has the potential to cause extensive damage to the overall construction of the rug within a very short span of time.

Restoration Of Rugs 

Professional rug restoration at Istanbul Rug aims at repairing damaged portions of rugs to impart the original appeal and grandeur without any tell-tale marks of restoration. The selection of a rug restoration service provider should involve intense research because unprofessional and run-of-the-mill services can significantly damage your expensive antique carpet.

Rug repair is a highly professional job because the process requires expertise and perfection for matching the exact shade of your expensive rug. Reputed rug restorers at Istanbul Rug make sure that the finished job is devoid of any errors. Since the restoration of rugs involves significant cost, you must make a well-informed decision by choosing Istanbul Rug the best rug restoration service provider in East Bay Area.

The work of restoring handmade rugs is extremely tedious and labor-intensive. One must always keep a constant focus on maintaining the original texture and color of the carpet, especially if the rug requires reweaving. Precise selection of the right wool is of prime significance, as even a minor change in the shade or texture will spoil the immaculate look of the rug.

Following are just a few of the challenges overcome during the rug restoration process:

Large area restoration –

Only a skilled and experienced restorer can guarantee perfection in the restoration work of an extensive area of handmade rugs. One has to be extremely careful while choosing the precise shade and execute the reweaving proficiently to match the original design. The entire process of restoring a rug with extensive damage may require months to finish.

Color matching –

The greatest challenge of the rug restoration process besides supreme workmanship is to match the color as well as the texture of century-old wool. It is practically impossible to get the same shade of dye that had been used decades ago and has been subjected to the process of aging. Moreover, the artisan is also required to recreate exactly the same character as well as texture while restoring an antique rug.

Restoration of warps –

The fringe of an antique or Oriental rug is associated with vertical support known as the warp. These handmade rugs should be immediately sent for restoration if the fringe unravels, in order to arrest further damage to the rug.

Restoration of foundation –

On certain occasions, the foundations of handwoven rugs may get damaged due to a split or an extensive tear. The process of reconstructing the foundation right from the scratch can be really overwhelming. This must follow another complex procedure of re-piling to restore the damaged portion by using the most suitable and matching wool in terms of texture as well as color.

Antique carpets and rugs are priceless and therefore one should take great care to maintain the look and functionality of these age-old creations. Handmade rugs need to be restored in the event of any damage or aging effect. While choosing the right rug restoration company such as Istanbul Rug, you need to assess the value of your rug before finalizing any repair work.

One must hire a reputed service provider in San Francisco for an assured and flawless job of repair or restoration.

Since the entire process of rug restoration is as complex as the weaving of a new rug, select the top rug restoration service provider such as Istanbul Rug only after an extensive survey and in-depth analysis of the past projects of the restorer. You can even think of consulting an expert in restoration techniques at Istanbul Rug to understand the complexities of Oriental rug restoration

The Most Trusted And Experienced Service Provider Of Rug Restoration

If you are in pursuit of an established service provider in the domain of Rug Repair and Restoration, then you need to be extra careful and search for a proven company that undertakes rug restoration of a large gamut of antique rugs and modern rugs. Istanbul Rug is an established resource for trusted and faultless rug restoration in San Francisco.

Whether you want to repair an ancient or modern Oriental Rug or an Antique Rug, Istanbul Rug is the most sought-after service provider in San Rafael and Berkley, with a proven track record of completing the most challenging restoration works to the utmost gratification of clients.

We are the premier source of luxurious handmade area rugs. Our exquisite showrooms located in San Rafael & Berkeley, carry the largest collection of Modern, Oriental & Traditional Rugs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County.

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